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6 May 2021

Custom Manufacturing Solutions with Willemin-Macodel and ESPRIT

When you invest in tailor-made solutions from Willemin-Macodel, be sure to use a CAM system that is up for the programming task. Join our webinar on May 20th at 10am EDT, 2pm GMT to learn how ESPRIT Applications Engineers worked hand-in-hand with Willemin-Macodel to create “done-in-one” solutions for complex processes.

Why Attend ?

  • Programming, simulating and posting edit free G-code for main, sub, vise, and tailstock machining operations
  • Unattended machining built into the ESPRIT solution
  • Simplifying CAM with automated work coordinate management
  • Customizing machining environments with the soft jaw manager
  • Saving time, tooling, and scrap with accurate digital twin simulation
  • How ESPRIT and the Willemin-Macodel 508MT2 work together to provide a done-in-one solution to program and machine a bone plate


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