Des projets méthodiques



We offer our full range of expertise right from initial contact. We are experts in pairing tools and materials, machining procedures and also clamping equipment. We take care of the final tests, perform commissioning then monitor each machine throughout its service life.

The stages

A project must be properly managed, which is why we actually work in collaboration with our customers in order to ensure that the solution ordered fulfils the objectives to be achieved, even if the project changes during the process.

Customer requirements

Inclusion of plans, specifications, machining savings
and management mode.

Technical analysis

Morphological analysis of parts to be produced, the topology and metric, tolerancing and surface qualities

Feasibility study

Modelling of the part, definition of part/machine interfaces, machining strategy, operating procedure

Project definition

Definition of the machine and degree of freedom required, spatial configuration

Clamping equipment & cutting tools

Definition of grip surfaces, study of clamping equipment and definition of the cutting tools in line with the operating procedure

Customization. Design & solution

Detailed study of the machine with entry and exit of parts, tool changer, swarf processing and cutting fluid and protection

Automation and robotization

Definition and study of the automation according to the customer’s production management mode

Programming & connectivity

Creation of the human/machine interface, production cell management software and programs associated with the part. Integration of customer’s machines into the cell (Industry 4.0)

Machining process

Development and validation of the complete manufacturing process integrated into the customer’s production flow

Long-term support

Technical support, preventive and curative maintenance, supply of spare parts throughout the product’s service life

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