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12 July 2021


For over  20 years, the 40 series has met the highest
demands for precision and quality. We capitalized on this know-how to offer you even more



The new 401S2, 408S2, 408B and 408MT machining centers build on what has made them successful for over 20 years. Each machine is positioned as a benchmark in its category.



Simultaneous 3 to 5-axis machining in part-to-part or palletizing mode

• 401S2 – very high precision 3 axis machining, high speed milling
• 408S2 – 5-axis simultaneous machining, multi-process milling / turning



5 to 7 axis machining complete from bar automated back working on the 6th face

• 408B – milling from bar
• 408MT- milling / turning from bar




A watchmaking standard. A three-axis machining center with a vertical spindle for milling plates for cutting-edge industries. Ergonomic and extremely precise, it also features customizable robotics solutions.


Everything you need, no more, no less. A strategic piece for watchmaking, the 408B does everything but the turning. Ideal for bracelet links, for example, its simplicity and efficiency also make it attractive to the dental sector.


The star. Cutting-edge industries love the speed, ergonomics and high precision of this multi-process machining center. A versatile best-seller that enables complex parts to be turned and milled in a single cycle.


Perfection, piece by piece. The model of choice for polyhedral pieces. The high-performance vertical spindle and double-divider offer rapid mixed machining with high positioning accuracy and thermal stability. Its turning capacity doesn’t prevent it from being easy to program.



  • New generation of high-performance “in-house” Willemin-Macodel motor spindle
  • Available in HSK-E40, HSK-A40 or Capto C4 interface
  • Optimized ergonomics and lighting for users and maintenance departments
  • Digital control with 15 ” screen with iHMI and integrated PC
  • Very high resolution measuring systems
  • Tool breakage control in overlap time
  • Tool magazine up to 72 positions on 408B and 408MT

The new 40 series machining centers are perfectly compatible with those of the previous generation.




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