Customer's services


For an optimal use of your machine, we offer a complete range of trainings on the different mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems of the machine, as well as on the peripheral equipments. We provide as well a personalized support on the programming. We explain you in detail the maintenance procedures of the machine and the peripheral equipments. On your demand, we can propose you a personalized training, according to your specific needs.


We make the commissioning of machines and the checkup of all the features in our premises. The commissioning in your premises is assured by our application engineers in accordance with our procedures of installation.

Preventive maintenance

To avoid not scheduled machine stops due to the normal wear, we offer contracts for preventive maintenance. These programs are based on a regular maintenance of the machine and on the life time cycle of certain components. All the aspects of machines are being inspected with the aim of helping you to plan better your expenses.

Repair / Machine revision

Whichever is the problem on your machine, we guarantee you a fast answer and do everything to intervene as soon as possible. We also assure the complete revision of your machine or its modification in order to adapt it to the evolution of your needs.

Spare parts

The guaranteed availability of the spare parts is assured by our care, including for machines having numerous years of service. We guarantee a fast delivery in Switzerland and abroad.