Always one step ahead

Founded in 1974, Willemin-Macodel released its first milling machine, a complex shape copier aimed at the watchmaking industry. Since then, many other world firsts have confirmed its status as a leader in technology. And Willemin-Macodel has continued to develop new solutions.

Our ongoing quest for innovation ensures we are able to meet the requirements of our customers and partners, using increasingly advanced technologies.
Made in Switzerland


Start of collaboration with Reiden Technik AG in the Chinese market
2014 Opening a sales and service office in Italia 
2013  701S The revolution : machining centre with parallel kinematics offering unrivalled precision, dynamic control and surface finishing for micro-machining applications.
2013 308S and 308B ultra-compact machining centers allowing machining from bar or from disks, offering many different machining possibilities. 
2012  Opening a sales and service office in Hyderabad, India.
2011 508MTL first machining center "multi-process technology with Full direct drive.
408MTT first compact machining center Multi-Process at the bar with a turret shooting.
2010 New Front Lathe 250S with high flexibility.
Renewal of the 3 Axis Front Lathes 203S and 220S.
Staff : 205 persons
2009 Move and merger of all activities in new facilities in Delémont on a site of 16'000 m2.
2008 Machining centre 401PA for complete machining in one cycle of part such as bottom plates from bars, disks or rectangular bar.
2006 Adaptation of the multi-positions turret on the 518MT high capacity milling/turning machining centre.
2005 Development of a new machining centre 508MT, the 1st one to offer a multi-positions turret for milling/turning back working operations
Staff : 143 persons
2003 Opening of a 2nd sales office in China (Xi'an).
Purchase of the partner company Willemin-Machines SA.
2001 1st machining centre 408MT allowing milling and turning operations from bar up to Ø 36 mm.
1997 1st machining centre W-418B for machining from bar stock.
Staff : 65 persons
1996 Opening of a sales and service office in the USA (NY).
1994 New generation of 5 simultaneous axes machining centres, according to machining capacities (W-40, W-41, W-42).
1992 Opening of a sales and service office in China (Shanghai)
Manufacturing of a 2 or 3-axes lathe with pick-up spindle type W-207
New 4-axes machining centre W-406 with dividing table.
1991 Launch of a multi-spindle milling machine, type W-138.
4-axes front lathe type W-200.
1989 2nd extension of the plant, floor space takes now 4500 m2.
Staff : 42 persons
1988 Opening of a sales and service office in Russia (Moscow).
1987 New machine type W-402 allowing 5 simultaneous axes machining.
1983 1st machining centre with 5 axes W-400.
1982 Opening of a sales and service office in Germany (Rielasingen).
1980 Diversification to exploit medical and aerospace sectors.
Staff : 10 persons
1978 Construction of the first numerically controlled milling machines
2D opto-electrical reading machines for the production of stamping modules and tools.
1st extension of the plant, total floor space 2000 m2.
1975 Construction of cam-controlled milling machines and copy machines for the watch industry.
Partnership with Willemin-Machines SA, legally independent
Macodel SA changes its name to Willemin-Macodel SA and moves to Bassecourt.
1974 Foundation of Macodel SA in Delémont with the aim to market machines and devices dedicated to the watch-industry.
Staff : 3 persons