Milling / Turning from bar stock

Our 5 to 8-axis machining centres ensure high productivity and high precision machining. These machines enable complex workpieces to be created using both milling and turning operations. Using the advantages of both of these machining techniques gives shorter machining times, increased precision and additional possibilities. This opens up new possibilities for manufacturing complex workpieces with high added-value.

5-axis Machining


Machining from bar stock

Pivoting spindle
Milling from bar stock up to Ø 40 mm or one piece mode High precision machining centre guaranteeing a high-quality surface finish. It can produce completely finished workpieces thanks to its back working unit. Further information


Milling / Turning from bar stock of up to Ø 36 mm

Pivoting spindle
6 to 7-axis multi-process machining centre This machining centre meets the production requirements of both small and large production runs of complex workpieces. This machine tool perfectly combines bar machining technology with the flexibility of automatic back working operation. High production autonomy thanks to the bar feeder and a machined workpiece packaging system. Dynamic management of pallet or slug. Further information


Turning turret

The 408MTT machining centre is equipped with an innovative turning turret enabling all internal and external turning operations to be performed. This configuration provides great flexibility in terms of simultaneous turning/milling. The turret can house one rotating tailstock centre, three axial tools and five radial tools enabling the machining of workpieces with a maximum diameter of 32 mm and length of 100 mm. Further information

8-axis machining


Turning / Milling from bar stock

Pivoting spindle
6 to 8-axis multi-process machining centre. Automatic multi-function back working unit. Multi-process machining centre equipped with a back working unit with 3-work position turret. Assembled as an option with bar feeder and an automatic workpiece loading and unloading system, this machining centre is a flexible production unit enabling all complex parts to be machined in a single cycle. Further information


Turning / Milling from bar stock up to Ø 65 mm

Multi-process machining centre equipped with an automatic multi-function back working unit. Autonomous machining unit with feeder and automatic manipulator for unloading and packaging workpieces. Perfectly suited to large workpieces, the high-performance powered spindle ensures a high- quality surface finish. Further information