Our expertise


Made-to-measure machining solutions

Made-to measure solutions are not only Willemin-Macodel's speciality, they are all it produces. We create exclusive solutions meeting your technological specifications. When it leaves production, each machining centre has its own unique characteristics.

Our machining solutions meet the requirements of both medium, large and small workpiece runs, or even individual workpiece production. That is what flexibility means.


Meet the challenges

Driven by our passion for innovation and perfection, it is a matter of pride for us to take up the most complex technological challenges. The strength of Willemin-Macodel lies in the capacity to supply comprehensive machining solutions that help improve its customers' production flows.

Each project enables us to provide new solutions and further our expertise. Each project is a new source of inspiration.


The constant quest for accuracy

Achieving the precision and quality required by the cutting edge markets on complex parts requires great expertise. But Willemin-Macodel is also concerned with continuing this performance. Our technological expertise guarantees our machine tools continue to guarantee excellent precision throughout their life cycle.



Willemin-Macodel solutions are based on nearly 40 years’ experience in machining complex workpieces. Our machining centres are based on shared, tried and tested bases.

We monitor them over the long term, thereby enabling our customers to keep their production tool in optimum conditions.