518TBD - Simultaneous 5-axis machining centre

Machining of turbine vanes for the aviation sector and gas or steam turbines for the energy sector.

Machining centre designed for machining turbine vanes and disks. It has a modular design and offers several alternatives, i.e. with a divider, a tailstock centre or a second divider in synchronisation mode. The addition of auxiliary axes provides total machining flexibility and enables turbine vanes to be fully finished in a single cycle.


linear axes

X – Y – Z travel 630 / 320 / 500 mm
Max. feed rate 40 m/min
Feed force 5’000 N
Scale resolution 0,0001 mm (0.1 µm)

powered spindle integrated

Standard interface HSK-A63
Power S1/S6 16/16 kW
Power S1/S6 Optional  42/42 kW 
Torque S1/S6  41/49 Nm
Torque S1/S6 Optional 100/130 Nm 
Speed 20’000 rpm


Drive unit Direct drive 
Angular movement -45° to +100°
Scale resolution 0,0001°
Max. torque 360 Nm
Hydraulic maintaining brake 2’000 Nm


Drive unit Torque motor
Angular movement 360°
Scale resolution 0,0001°
Max. torque 177 Nm
Hydraulic maintaining brake 800 Nm
Max. rotation speed 200 rpm 


Number of tools 24 / 40 optional 


Reservoir capacity 240 l
Pump capacity 100 l/min 6 bar pressure

hydraulic unit

Nominal pressure 100 bar

numerical control

FANUC 31i-B5