Milling from slug stock

Our machines offer great static and dynamic rigidity thanks to the perfectly designed basic components and structure of the machine. These qualities ensure they offer high precision machining and high-quality surface finishes, etc.

3 or 4-axis machining


High precision / Productivity

3 or 4-axis high precision machining centre, mainly designed for machining main plates and bridges for the watchmaking sector. This machine guarantees excellent surface finishes and high precision, particularly in terms of stability of the dimensions along Z. Fitted with optional peripherals such as measuring tools, workpiece checks, clamping mechanisms and manipulator, this machine offers great flexibility and enables high production rates to be achieved Further information

401PA/ 408PA

Vertical spindle

Very high precision, fully automated production unit designed for the machining of bridges, main plates and other constituent parts of movements for watchmaking applications from small bars, discs or rectangular bars. This highly productive machine enables workpieces to be fully machined in a single cycle. Further information

Simultaneous 5-axis machining


All-in-one performance

The ultra-compact 308s machining centre offers first-rate performance, thanks to its smart design, and allows the machining of complex workpieces from any type of material (titanium, chrome-cobalt, zircon, precious metals, etc.)
High productivity is ensured by cutting conditions which deliver excellent performance with hard materials, thanks to the high level of rigidity offered by the machine. These optimum operating conditions for the cutting tools reduce premature wear and, in turn, operating costs. Further information


5 Axis Machining Centre
swivelling Spindle

The 408S2 machining centre is equipped with a high precision, rotating dual-divider. This machine is designed for machining complex, prismatic workpieces and offers turning operations up a speed of rotation of 4,000 rpm as an option. Its compact size, its significant static and dynamic rigidity make it a leader in simultaneous 5-axis machining. Further information


High-performance milling

The 508S machining centre meets the most exacting requirements in terms of milling. For conventional or high-speed machining, this simultaneous 5 to 6-axis machining centre is an ideal solution for milling complex high precision workpieces, ensuring excellent productivity. Further information


Rotating spindle - 5-axis machining of high precision complex prismatic workpieces

5-axis machining centre designed for applications in the aeronautical, automotive and precision mechanics sectors. The compact construction of this machine, requiring a small floor area, offers a highly-efficient and high-quality production solution. Further information


High productivity

The 528S machining centre is designed for creating complex and high precision workpieces included in an area with a diameter of up to Ø 400 mm. The C-axis, consisting of a high precision, grooved rotary plate divider and the large capacity tool magazine (up to 180 tools), are the constituent components of a high-production, modern, highly-efficient and flexible machining centre .