Frontal turning

Willemin-Macodel offers a comprehensive range of machines for high precision frontal turning. In order to meet market requirements and cover a wide range of needs, we offer compact frontal lathes meeting the following criteria:

  • 203S for maximum precision with the best quality/price ratio
  • 220S for maximum power and rigidity
  • 250S for maximum flexibility

High precision 3 or 4-axis frontal lathes


Milling / turning centre with 4-sided rotating support

This lathe offers improved production flexibility. Equipped with 3 indexable tables - for tool holders and an optional support for six front or side milling motor spindles, this design meets all tooling requirements- of several set-ups on the machine in order to cope with split runs. Further information


High precision frontal lathe

The constant rigidity along the entire length of the table guarantees a high level of accuracy and excellent surface finishes. Consisting of a 750 mm long grooved table, coupled as an option by equipment for front and side milling, this lathe is perfectly suited to the watchmaking sector Further information