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For medical and orthopaedics

Medical / Orthopaedics

Machining of complex parts, perfect surface finish and high 3-dimensional accuracy are required criteria from the medical industry in terms of parts machining, mostly to be machined in noble materials such as titanium, chrome-cobalt, stainless steel, ceramics or plastic (Peek, polyoxymethylene PEE, etc...).

With a long and vast experience in the medical industry, Willemin-Macodel offers high performance manufacturing solutions integrating the production automation. Especially this allows the achievement of dental implants, bridges, hip prosthesis, bone plates and screws, spinal hook, surgical forceps and scissors.

Solutions finder

  • Hook
  • Pedicle screws
  • Plates
  • Titanium cage
  • Peek cage
  • Biopsy forceps
  • Bone rasp
  • Shoulder surgery
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Ancillary equipment
  • Prosthetic joints
  • Cups
  • Acetabular cups
  • Femoral stems
  • Modular collar
  • Tibial base plate
  • Moving insert